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Happy Shopper Pine Disinfectant
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Effective against Salmonella, Listeria and E.Coli. Effective and safe on washable household surfaces. Safe for use in septic tanks. Tel: 0161 655 2196


  • Happy Shopper Thick Pine Disinfectant contains amongst other ingredients: Less than 5% Non-Ionic Surfactants,
  • Also contains: Disinfectant, Perfume, Limonene

Prepare and Use

Directions For Use Dilutions should be freshly and accurately prepared in clean containers. Heavily soiled articles should be rinsed clean before being disinfected. (1 capful is approximately 20 ml). General Duties: Use 8 capfuls per 5 litres of cold water (i.e. one part disinfectant to 30 parts water) to disinfect floors, walls, tiles and other washable surfaces. Toilets, Sinks, Drains: Pour 6 capfuls undiluted disinfectant around the toilet bowl, down sinks and drains. Laundry: Use a solution of 8 capfuls per 5 litres of cold water to soak nappies, sickroom linen and handkerchiefs before washing.

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