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CPL Supagrill® Instant Barbecue Tray Standard Size
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Approx 10″ by 12″

Single Use Instant Barbecue NO Lighter Fluid Needed Remove the packaging materials before use and dispose of responsibly. Assemble the stand and place the BBQ on the stand. Use a match or butane lighter to ignite all four corners of the brown lighting paper. Wait until the flames and smoke have died down. When the charcoal turns grey after about 15 minutes you will be ready to start cooking. Occasionally during cooking, agitate the charcoal by tapping barbecue with a utensil to help maintain heat.

Safetry Warning:
Keep out of reach of children and pets WARNING: Never burn charcoal inside homes, vehicles or tents or in a confined space. Harmful fumes may gather without enough ventilation. WARNING: Always place your grill on a hard, non-combustible and flat surface. WARNING: Never add lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene or alcohol when lighting or cooking. WARNING: This is a single use barbecue and will become very hot – never move when in use. Do not dispose of until completely extinguished and cold. WARNING: Do not refill – this barbecue is to use one time only. Please throw away the ashes in a responsible manner and help protect the environment.

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